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This course will be delivered via Zoom.

Learn how to use free, open source, and commercial tools necessary to produce graphic communications correctly. The class will make use many well-known programs, such as Word, Excel, Google — and others that may not be as common — InDesign, Illustrator, GIMP, Weebly, WordPress, Inkscape, etc.

Although the Adobe Creative Suite is the “go to” collection of graphic design apps — there are alternatives! This class will not focus on a single app, but rather how they work together to produce your project — and produce it correctly. The class will work on several graphic design projects that will require the use of a variety of tools.

This course will be delivered via Zoom. Students are expected to have working and current versions of Adobe Creative Suite applications (7 day trial versions are available, as well as significant discounts for educators and students), as well as Microsoft Office (or LibreOffice, or other open source alternative), a reliable internet connection, and preferably, at least three browsers installed (Chrome, Edge, Brave recommended). Creative “assets” will be provided as needed for examples and placeholders.

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